Here at The Albany Wealth Group of Steward Partners one of the foundational services we can provide is our holistic planning relationship. 


What is Holistic Planning?

Many firms and advisors require their clients to open and maintain investment accounts in order to receive their advisory services.  Here at The Albany Wealth Group of Steward Partners we have the  ability to work with clients whether you maintain assets at our firm- this is what we consider holistic planning. Holistic Planning is the practice of advising our clients on all aspects on their financial lives and making sure all decisions have a practical place in one's life. 


How does Holistic Planning work?

We provide all of our normal services for a flat annual planning fee (once again, whether or not you maintain accounts with us).


Who does the Holistic Planning service make sense for?

$ Someone who wants to work with a financial planning team but does not currently have investable assets outside of their workplace retirement plans.

$ Someone looking for more than just investment management, rather a team to connect their entire financial landscape.  

$ Someone who enjoys having an objective team of advisors that can help provide insight and guidance from a third-party perspective. Let's call it an extra set of eye's willing to make sure everything in your financial life is in sync.

$ Someone who wants more convenience in their financial life.  We will act as your trusted liaison to relay and coordinate information with your other advisors (Attorneys, CPA's, and investment advisors).



The Albany Wealth Group Operates As Fiduciary Advisors